Dr. Maha Naguib- American High School Principal

Dr. Maha Naguib

Principal of Dar El Tarbiah American School

Welcome to Dar El Tarbiah American High school, an American-based curriculum

for students from Grade 7 to 12. Since its foundation DET is recognized as one of

the premier schools in Egypt offering students quality education.

Our School aims to create a society of students dedicated to the love of learning

and maintaining this throughout their lives. In order to achieve this goal, the school

embraces a mix of different teaching methodologies where the curriculum and

activities emphasize a well-rounded approach that reflects our in-depth

understanding of the student’s needs and personality.

We are quite aware of the challenges faced by many parents in selecting a good

school that provides specialized care and balanced education for their children, as

well as a school that maintains the social and ethical values. The school is in

constant search for the causes that further its successes, allowing us to continue to

improve and flourish. Such challenges play a major role in setting a high standard

for quality education offered by the school, and the necessity of using the latest

technologies in education to ensure that the education process remains intriguing

for the students.

Through our resources and activities, we address the intellect and emotions of the

students and develop perspectives on our culture, values, and the significant things

in life. Our aim is to develop important aspects of their character not only

developing linguistic and scientific abilities, but creative and physical skills as


Welcome to Dar El Tarbiah American High school, wishing you a successful

school year.

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Dr. Maha Naguib- American High School Principal

Nevine A. Khalil

Principal of American Middle School

I am privileged to be the Middle School Principal and I feel honored to work with our highly qualified and dedicated staff, our wonderful students, and all of our supportive parents.

I am a lifelong educator and I am committed to students and families as well as to the love for learning. We at Dar El Tarbiah American School will make every effort to help the student achieve academically, socially and have good morals and respect to the other. It is our goal to create an enriched learning environment that engages each student. We ensure that each student learns to think, reason and use his or her mind well. We also encourage students to use knowledge to solve problems rather than passively absorb knowledge to be used at some other time. We help in developing a well-rounded individual who demonstrates resilience and determination to succeed. We also aim to equip our students with the skills and academic success required to access new opportunities and enhance their life chances and future careers. Teachers at Dar El Tarbiah are viewed as leaders: their primary role is to engage students in significant activity that results in learning.

Of course, we need and welcome parents support and cooperation.

I look forward to working with all our dear students to ensure the best standard of education and their personal development as well as cooperating with their parents. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at school should you have any questions or concerns.

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 Mrs.Reham Abou El Naga

Mrs.Reham Abou El Naga

Principal of American Baby Home School

It is my pleasure to welcome you to American Baby Home School. A belief in the importance of educating the whole person remains central to the mission and ethos of our school. We are passionate about providing every learner at Baby home American School with the stimulus, encouragement and support to develop their academic abilities, their wide ranging interests and a sense of personal values.

All school members will do their best to create a safe and pleasant environment, Treat all children fairly and with respect. Look for, encourage and reward good behavior, Recognize that each child has individual needs. Raise the children’s self esteem and develop their full potential. We provide a dynamic and progressive education ensuring that pupils are confident about how they can make a difference to the challenges of our ever-changing world. We feel strongly that our learners should understand what constitutes quality and strive for high standards in all disciplines.

A wealth of opportunity is available to young people today and Baby Home American School strives to inspire its students to become responsible citizens and leaders in communities and professions around the world. I encourage you to take the time to visit our school, to meet our thriving pupils, their exceptionally committed teachers and to discover the friendly, energetic and enthusiastic environment that we pride ourselves on at Baby home American School.

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