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Camping - 13,14 March 2014

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- After setting up camp in the school's classrooms, our students were ready for hours of fun activities and games.

- Lots of teamwork by the girls as they put up their tents in record time.

- Everyone had a great time playing sports, dancing, and the courtyard was alive with action and energy all evening.

- Taking time from camping to pray, our students were led by Mr. Mohammad Adel.

- A team of boys put their heads together to solve clues during our Treasure Hunt.

- A very clever team of young ladies used their soundest reasoning and came out on top, winning the Treasure Hunt by a nose.

 - Camping means cooking on a grill, and our students were excited to help with making their burgers and hot dogs.

- Whether it's from a wood fire or from the grill, it's always an adventure getting dinner ready when you're camping.

- Late night excitement as the first evening spent at school comes to a close. - The boys are getting there rest in this photo in preparation for another exciting day tomorrow. - Time to get up! Our dilemma: whether to open our eyes or not!

- Off to Giza for a day on the river, and a chance to try our luck fishing on the banks of the Nile. - Happy to be enjoying the sunshine and water sports, these boys will have plenty of tales to tell about the meter-long fish they "almost" caught!

- The time came to set out onto the water, and our young ladies looked ready to take the oars and head to Khartoum if we'd let them.

- The boys get their first team of rowers in unison -- well, almost.

- Brimming with confidence after returning to land, our rowers look ready for any challenge.

- Finally, a boat ride on the Nile wouldn't be complete without dancing and snacks to the tune of our favorite songs. A perfect way to end our camping trip!

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