High School (G9-12)

Dar El tarbiah Schools - American Education System

High School students earn credits for graduation and complete the requisite courses for entry into university programs. They take courses in all core academic areas each year; though they are offered several choices in the courses they take.

courses in Grades 9 and 10 provide foundations for specialized courses in Grade 11 and 12. Egyptian students also follow a full course of Arabic, Religion and Arabic Social Studies in preparation for Eadadiya and Thanaweya Amma exams at the end of Grades 9 and 12 respectively. Foreign students take courses in Arabic as a Second Language.

A High School Diploma is awarded to students who successfully acquire the credits necessary to fulfil the school’s graduation requirements:

Subject Minimum Graduation Requirement
English Language Art 6.5 Credits
Social Studies 3 - 4 Credits
Mathematics 4 Credits
Science 3- 4 Credits
French 2 - 3 Credits
Arabic Studies 3 - 4 Credits
Health/PD 1 - 2 Credits
ICT 1 Credits or Competency
Grade 12 Project 1 - 2 Credits
Learning to Lead C1 Credits Class 2014
Elective 2 - 3 Credits
Total 27- 33.5

Courses are designed to meet leading US curriculum standards and lessons are taught using a variety of teaching and learning strategies which are research-based and proven to be effective with High School-age learners. Great care is taken to ensure that students develop the confidence, knowledge, and personal, critical thinking skills, and independent learning skills to be successful in higher education and professional life.

Students are assessed through a variety of interim, continuous and end of year assessments, and students in the High School are often required to undertake long-term research and/or problem-based projects. In Grade 12, students also complete an extensive, independent Senior Project on a topic of their choice.

Students take lessons in class or elective groups, and utilize the full range of specialist teaching areas including Science and ICT laboratories and Art and sports facilities.

In the fall of Grade 10 and 11, students take the Preliminary SAT, which is the best preparation for the SAT Reasoning (SAT I), which students take during the Spring of Grade 11. English and Math courses throughout Middle and High school provide students with the necessary skills, knowledge and strategies to prepare them for the SAT I. Selected Grade 11 and 12 Mathematics and Science courses cover the necessary topics and skills for SAT Subjects (SAT II) Subject Tests in Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Invited students are given the preparation to sit for Advanced Placement examinations.
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