Schools Facilities

The mission of Dar El Tarbiah Schools is to effectively and efficiently ensure a healthy, safe, and appropriate school learning environment for every student. The quality of a school’s environment and its facilities have a strong influence on students’ learning. Besides regular use in organizing and managing a school’s activities, records of a school’s physical facilities and material resources such as furniture and equipment can provide data to derive many indicators for assessing the quality of education in a school.



A well equipped clinic is available to provide health care for our children. Students with injuries or illnesses may go and be examines by our nurses or the school doctor. We also do regular health checks, particularly for the younger children. The clinic keeps a medical file each child and checks on absences.


Sand & Climbing Area

The 3 year old students have their own activity garden attached to their nursery building and older children use the big apparatus facility. Children are carefully supervised at all times in these areas and the surfaces are either grass or sand.


Baby Home Classrooms

All classrooms in the Primary are bright and well aired (as well as air-conditioned.) Classrooms are internet connected, as well as having their own materials and equipment, teachers have access to our huge resource department.


Art Suite & Toys Rooms

Dar El Tarbiah American baby home school has also built a new Primary Art Suite that is staffed by two full-time specialists and used by all of the Primary children. Situated in a separate building, the large, bright, open-plan studios can accommodate up to 50 children at a time.


Physical Education

Physical education is a vital part of the children’s curriculum. Fortunately the school has large playgrounds and extensive sports fields (grass, artificial grass, tartan and hard surfaces) as well as exciting activity equipment areas. There is also an inside gymnasium for simple activities, dance and movement. Every year there are some pretty serious year groups sports days.



The theatre and drama studio is flexible and versatile facility in the senior school is the same, and has hosted everything from experimental drama workshops to Shakespeare productions to quizzes. Seating around 250 in the round, thrust stage or classical Victorian curtained stage, the theatre has a history of many outstanding shows. From "My Fair Lady" to "Grease", the school has a proud tradition of quality (famous) productions right through to simple plays written and produced by the children themselves.



The Library offers a range of resources to students to aid them in research and support the curriculum to develop life-long learning abilities and foster a love for reading. The purpose of the school library media center at Dar El Tarbiah American Schools is to support the school community and ensure that students and staff become life-long users of information.


Science Labs

Dar El Tarbiah American Schools provide a safe but stimulating environment for students to learn, experiment, and discover more about the world. Science is taught in a practical, interactive way whenever possible. As a result, we provide an excellent range of fully equipped facilities. Our labs are spacious, bright, and colourful. They are all state-of-the art and contain everything students need to carry out practical work safely



ICT Labs

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an integral part of Dar El Tarbiah American Schools curriculum. In this age of Computer Technology, an early exposure to the basics of computer, prepare the child for the future and also helps the child to overcome any inhibitions it might have towards computer usage.

The school has a policy of one computer per child and the school computer lab is adequately equipped for the same. Internet connectivity is provided to the students, teachers and staff in the adjacent Internet lab.

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